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Awaiting The New Power Hammer

We’re super excited to receive our new power hammer in the next few weeks. If you’re not familiar with a power hammer, it’s a tool designed for mechanically forging metal typically by either converting the motion of an electric motor or compressed air into hammer blows. It is far more efficient than forging with a hammer and anvil as a machine can do hundreds of times the work of a human.

The hammer we’re waiting on is being manufactured by Ken’s Custom Iron. The MZ75 weighs over 1,000 pounds and operates using compressed air, something we’re already plumbed for in order to power up our CNC Plasma Cutting table.

Here’s a little overview of the MZ75 in action.

Ken’s team is posting routine updates on their Instagram feed, and this is the latest photo of the state of construction.

Once the hammer arrives, we’ll have to get it permanently installed by bolting it directly to the concrete in the shop. We planned for this tool from the beginning and the concrete foundation was poured over 12″ thick in the spot the hammer will be located. This ensures it has a stable base, and that it doesn’t crack the foundation from the repeated hammer blows!

We already have a number of custom pieces waiting on the arrival of the hammer including some ornamental blacksmith art, as well as a few custom blade orders. Stay tuned for more updates!

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