Bolt-on Trailer Tie Down Rails



Our Bolt-on tie down rails are cut from heavy duty A36 structural steel, and add secure strapping points to just about any trailer. They are sold individually and can be shipped as plain steel or coated with heavy duty truck liner.

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Our bolt-on tie down rails are the perfect addition to any trailer. They come in multiple sizes and are designed to fit a wide variety of trailer types. Simply drill a couple of holes and bolt them to the side to instantly add a number of tie-down points to hold any load.

We CNC cut these bolt-on tie down rails out of new A36 plate steel. You can strap just about anything to them, and the trailer will probably break before the tie downs!


There are currently three sizes available. If you have a need for a different size contact us and we can make it happen.

  • 12″ Tie Down Rail
  • 18″ Tie Down Rail
  • 23″ Tie Down Rail

Finish Options

The tie down rails are available either unfinished as bare steel, or sprayed with heavy duty black truck bed coating. We’ve found that’s the best surface finish considering that metal hooks will scratch up paint and powder even easier.

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12", 18", 23"


Untreated, Truck Bed Coating


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