Weld Table DIY Kit – 30″ x 48″


The easiest to assemble welding table kit in the world, includes tab and slot design plus an integrated T-slot assembly system. This ensures the flattest and fastest to build table available!

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Our 30″ x 48″ (actual size 29.5″ x 47.5″ for shipping purposes!) DIY welding table kit is the perfect solution for portable welding or confined spaces. Laser cut from 3/16″ A36 steel plate, this kit fits up like a glove, and due to our built-in assembly system can be built perfectly in under 10 minutes! (5 with a little practice…)

No other welding table kit on the market can offer such precision, and it’s all due to our built-in T-Slot assembly process. Our kit eliminates the need for clamps, bolts and plates to apply that would otherwise be needed to apply pressure between the table and support structure. Instead, a few 5/16″ nuts and bolts are all that’s needed to ensure a perfect fitment every time! And when you’re done, the built in jigs can still be used for fixturing for the life of the table!

Super Simple Assembly

Our 30″ x 48″ table top kit comes with a laser cut 3/16″ plate steel welding surface plus a set of interlocking ribs which both support and help flatten the top surface.

Since the ribs are cut on a precision robotic system they are extremely flat, and when the surface is pulled tight during the assembly process it ensures a super-flat work surface.

It couldn’t be any easier! First, slot the long ribs into the top surface…

Then the short ribs interconnect the long ribs while also slotting into the surface.

Here’s a closeup where the ribs intersect. They are precision cut so that the short ribs help pull the long ribs tight to the surface for both support and to help ensure it’s a super flat fit.

Next, simply place nuts in the T-slots, and thread bolts in through the surface and tighten!

Unlike other assembly processes, it’s impossible to overtighten or induce warping with this system since it pulls the surface directly against a rib, as opposed to squeezing it through holes on either side.

Once all of the nuts and bolts are in place, the final step is to put small tack welds at each intersection of ribs on the bottom of the table! Using lots of small welds keeps heat and warpage out of the building process and ensures that the top sticks to the ribs from many different positions. Anyone can do it!!!

And, of course this kit includes the same standard 5/8″ holes as all of our welding tables, meaning you can use a wide range of fixturing accessories.

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