40″ x 80″ Welding Table Gallery

Texas Metal Works welding tables are computer designed, CNC cut, and professionally assembled to give you years of service in demanding environments. Our 40″ x 80″ weld tables are the best bang for the buck in the industry!

Additional information

Weight700 lbs
Dimensions80 × 40 × 41 in
Package Options

Top Only, Top Plus 28" Legs, Top, 28" Legs & Casters


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Table Top Features

  • The work surface is full 40 inch wide x 80 inch long.
  • 6 inch side walls allow additional fixturing.
  • Use any of the 1,160 precision CNC cut holes for fixturing.
  • Stronghand and similar tools work with our tables.
  • Fabricated from 1/4 inch structural steel.
  • The finished table weighs approximately 700 lbs.
  • Professionally assembled, and guaranteed forever!

Optional Table Base Features

  • Tubular steel framing and legs made from 2 in x 11 gauge.
  • Standard 38 inch surface height (can be customized at no charge).
  • 5 in swivel casters with brakes rated at 800 pounds per wheel.
  • Non-marking polyurethane wheels with iron hubs.

Welding Table Components

Our tables are professionally assembled from dozens of CNC cut parts. And unlike DIY kits, our tables don’t require hundreds of dollars worth of nuts, bolts, and threaded rod to assemble, since we take care of that hassle for you.

Welding Table Parts

The optional 2″ tubular steel leg kits are tough! We routinely load 1,500 pounds of material on these tables with no problem.

Welding Table Construction

The strength and flatness of our tables come from the interlocking series of ribs supporting the surface. These precision cut ribs lock together and interlock with the table surface.

Welding Table Ribs

Since each of the ribs is extremely straight (having been cut by a robot), when the welding surface is clamped securely to the ribs it ensures a super flat table top without twists or bends. After all, your products are only as flat as the surface they’re built on.

Welding Table Fixtures

After fixturing the weld table and ensuring everything is tight and flat, hundreds of welds are made to lock things in place!

And since we’re often asked about how flat these tables are, read all about it on welding table flatness on our blog post here.

A Few Other Things

Pictured in the product photos are some tools that work well with this type of surface (not included with table purchase):

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