7 Foot Tall Elegant Modern Chiminea


This artfully crafted 7 foot tall chiminea makes a stunning statement, and is fabricated to last a lifetime!

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This Giant Chiminea was inspired by the 42Fab design they freely shared. We thought it was so great we wanted to make them available to everyone!

Fabrication and Assembly

These fire pits are CNC cut from heavy 10 gauge steel plate. They come off the robot in several pieces which then have to be hand assembled. Each piece is laid out and clamped securely to a giant welding table to ensure perfect alignment and flatness.

After the piece are all temporarily spot welded together we follow up by completely welding 100% of the seams. This product requires over 30 feet of continuous welding!

Finally, once the parts are completely welded they are artistically ground smooth to hide all of the seams. These chimineas are built to last a lifetime, and will naturally rust to a beautiful patina over time.

They make for a truly magnificent sight!

You can read more about this product over on our blog.

Additional information

Weight150 lbs
Dimensions24 × 24 × 84 in


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